Center for Marine Environment Studies, which is affiliated with four educational research fields, was established based on the Aitsu Marine Biological Laboratory on April 1, 2001.

Our center is open to the whole university. We conduct a wide range of education research: that is, from basic science to applied science, focusing on the natural and social ecology of the coastal areas, mainly of the Ariake Sea and Yatsushiro Sea, which have the largest tideland in Japan.

In addition, our aim is to contribute to the local society.Namely, the center carries out education research on biodiversity and ecosystems of the tideland, preservation and sustainable development of marine resources, analysis of environmental change of the seabed and educational research of preservation, development and disaster prevention for ecologically-balanced coastal areas.

And we return our results to the local communities and contribute to the preservation and creation of better local environments.The center has the Aitsu Marine Station in Amakusa as a marine facility, where we carry out research in related fields.We also conduct environmental education to primary and middle school students as well as the local people, making the most of its locality and facility.

The center has close relations with the national and local governments, as well as with other research institutions and enterprises, and it functions as the core of coastal environmental science in Kumamoto. The center is also the vital component in network-building of tideland environmental research in the whole of Asia.


Center for Marine Environment Studies
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