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Contents of Education and Research

NameKiyoshi Takigawa
AffiliationGraduate School of Science and Technology,
Major: New Frontier Science,
Course: Life and Environmental Science,
Field: Hydro-and Geosphere,Environments
Career Professor, Faculty of Engineering,Kumamoto University (1992)
Professor,Center for Marine Environment Studies,Kumamoto University (2001)

Activities of Academic Societies

Field of expertise: Coastal Environment Engineering
Japan Society of Civil Engineering (Fellow / Special Senior Engineer), Mirai Ariake-Shiranui (Executive Head), Group of Coastal Engineers in the Kyushu-Yamaguchi Areas (President), Environmental Study Group of the Coastal Areas along the Ariake and Yatsushiro Sea (President), etc.

Contents of Research

The Ariake Sea and the Yatsushiro Sea were said to be abundant with natural blessings; however, there is concern that the marine resources have become impoverished and these waters have fallen into a vicious cycle of environmental deterioration. Also, the areas have often suffered from natural disasters: typhoons, tidal waves or floods such as the high-water disaster of the Shiranui Sea and the sediment disaster of Minamata. I focus on the environmental restoration and the disaster prevention in these areas, and I have been striving to construct a local community which harmoniously blends environmental protection and disaster prevention.

The themes of my main studies are as follows:
1. Analysis of the contributing factors of environmental changes in the Ariake Sea and the Shiranui Sea, and the measures for its restoration and conservation
2. Combined contingency planning and community construction in harmony with the environment
3. Study of evaluation and restoration / creation of the environment in tidal lands
4. Developments of the environmental evaluation and the methods of predicting environmental changes at sea and tidal land areas
5. Study of developing the flow models and the ecosystem models at the Ariake Sea and the Yatsushiro Sea
6. Study of development of harmonious coastal structures of various kinds in new forms out of consideration of protection, environment and utilization
7. Study of panoramic regenerations※ and demonstration experiments of the environment in the habitat for organisms of the Ariake Sea
8. Advanced scientific research for environment and disaster prevention around enclosed coastal seas and for creating rich social environments

Creation of the simulation of disasters caused by tidal waves and the animation for reducing disasters

The development of recovery technology for tidal flats and beach lines

Harmonized embankment between environmental conservation and disaster prevention

Center for Marine Environment Studies
Kumamoto University 39-1,Kurokami 2-chome,Chuo-ku,Kumamoto 860-8555 Phone:+81-09-342-3143

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